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Is your energy too inviting?

Do you always find yourself attracting the wrong people or do you feel that everyone wants a piece of you and there seems to be no end to the demands? Do you find yourself attracting the crazies?

This may not be karma (It probably isn’t) It may not even be a lack of boundaries (God knows you’ve tried). I have a firm belief that it is your energy, as a whole!

If you look around you will see that there are quite a lot of unhappy people existing. They live very one-dimensional lives, watch the news and subscribe to programs constantly and don’t experience anything other than the life they have always known. Now then, you come along, full of positivity and life and well, everyone wants a piece.

You must realise at this point, especially if you’ve been nodding your head at all of this that your energy is unique, expressive and wonderful. So…the golden question. How can you protect it yet leave a little bit of magic wherever you go?


Time is a measurable component that exists but is open to interpretation. You can do what you like with it, it tends to speed up when you’re in a positive, non-resistant state, and slow down when you’re in a resistant state and of a negative mindset. It’s malleable, changeable but we can use it to serve us.

Be busy.

Energy vampires, bored people and people living in frustration, hate busy people. If you think about it. They hate not being the centre of attention, and are quite honestly trying to edge their way into being the centre of your world. They want a piece of you and they are demanding. There is something vacuous and vapid in these dynamics. So use time, and the lack of it to your advantage. Fill YOUR time with other things. Take YOUR time away from them.You could say it’s dodging bullets but I have noticed over the years, the good people understand and wait around for you, they offer patience and understanding. The negative people huff and puff and throw a performance if you don’t give them YOUR time.

TIME is the biggest and easiest way to spot if someone has negative intentions towards you. Your time has to be earned and good quality people recognise that.


I would recommend not to just blank someone because you don’t have time, I mean that’s rude and also ghosting right. You don’t want to breadcrumb someone, because ultimately that will leave them wanting even more. You just want to be busy, set clear goals - ‘I am free on this date and time’ and see how they react and if they want more and more. Someone of a good quality and with their own life, will appreciate the boundary and expectation

I hope this helps and I hope that by using your time wisely and in a confident way, you will attract a better type of person. A more energetically secure and balanced person.

I love you,


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