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London recruiter uses psychic abilities to bridge corporate, spiritual worlds

The global pandemic brought about uncertainty for many, but for London’s Katie Queue, it was an eye-opening time of discovery of a magical middle ground that very few ever knew about.

Queue is a recruiter for some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Her work involves matching the perfect candidate with the right position for companies like Starbucks and BP. A skilled expert in her profession, she would utilize all the normal tools in assessing a candidate’s qualifications – a well-constructed resume, ample experience and a level of commitment.

“But what I realized was when I spoke to very intelligent, very incredibly strategic people in the workplace, the higher they got, the more spiritual they got. It wasn’t just about logic,” she said.

Queue was perhaps more in tune with the spiritual quest of those with whom she would converse because she is also a renowned psychic with the ability to tap into one’s dreams and struggles, oftentimes even unbeknownst to them.

In her own climb to the top in the corporate world, she would notice a lack of the spiritual world. The focus was more on a dog-eat-dog culture with a lack of maturity and false sense of being grounded. As a result, there was pain, disruption and burnout in employees who were yearning for a better balance.

It all started to come together during the Covid-19 years and the time shortly after when the great resignation would take hold, As the world would find itself in a tug-of-war between an old workplace mindset and a desire for something more meaningful, Queue found her place in bridging that gap.

“And now, I’ve never been busier,” she said. “They want a career that resonates with their soul, but they don’t know how to get there. They come to me, and I can tell them what to do and what to say in their interview because I have the spiritual and corporate angle as well.”

Queue’s ability to help someone achieve contentment in the workplace relies on the focus of inner feelings rather than targeting logic alone. The answers are developed from the physical feelings that Queue experiences as she is talking with a client. It is an experience into untapped epiphanies – a much deeper dive than just running through a checklist of possibilities based on the past.

“When you go to a career coach, they look at what you’ve achieved so far and what is available to you. It’s all about what paycheck do you want to walk away with. They don’t discuss long-term happiness or what will make you get out of bed in the morning,” she said. “And if you go to a spiritual counselor, they do quite the opposite. They talk about how you want to feel, but they don’t give you the skills to have a bad day at work.”

Finding that perfect balance can be a mystery to most, Queue said, but her ability to draw out the answers from her psychic talents brings about a nourishment that both surprises and soothes her clients. It is a practice that moves away from the negative image of crystal balls and alleviates the fears of a hard corporate edge.

Queue has worked with many celebrities and professionals to help them find that middle ground between work and fulfillment. She also authored several books and manages her own quarterly magazine dedicated to helping people achieve change through spiritual teachings and logical moves. In addition, she and her work has been in several magazines, including Spirit and Destiny Magazine, and she produces her own music, another outlet to convey her message of balance.

For Queue, every conversation is information in reaching a higher potential. Oftentimes, she noted, the conversations with clients lead to the discovery of things about herself as well. Her work is both logical and transforming – an ability that has been perfected and directed to produce something very needed, and incredibly special.

“I’ve always wanted to create something that brings a vibe that when someone calls Katie Queue, they know that they are going to get reset and put in a good place,” she said. “They know that what they are going to get is something magical.”

- As appears in the American and Candian press (May / June 2022)

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