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Out of nowhere, it will come

This year has been tough.

I would like to tell you a story of hope if that's ok….

Out of nowhere, it will come 

There was a lady who needed a kidney. She was desperate to become a Mum, so she was able to give birth and had a loving family, but the Doctors advised that she does not become pregnant again. And so, she got on with her life, but her condition got worse. Things started to deteriorate and look grim. It seemed to be an endless struggle of waiting for a new kidney to become available.

There are over 4000 people waiting for a kidney and most of them sadly will come from another one's passing. 

You get a call from the hospital, there’s a glimmer of hope, you rush to the Hospital to do the tests for compatibility and emotions are high. There’s a guilt that runs through your veins that someone else has had to die for you to be in this position. You wait, the halls of the Hospital are cold and the waiting rooms are sterile and then the tests come back as negative. It has all been for nothing. The Kidney cannot be transferred due to its bad condition. You're hope has been shattered and it's another week of dialysis ahead.

In 2019 I felt so strongly in my heart that I should donate one of my kidneys. It was an unprovoked idea and I didn’t know anyone with Kidney issues, so why the idea? The idea kept coming until I succumbed to its pandering and I applied to be a living donor. 

That lady we spoke of, the one at the beginning of this story, we matched! She received my kidney and in 2019 she became the person who received the call that a living, healthy, 38 year old Female has decided to donate her kidney and it's all going ahead - Mandy, wherever you are, I am sure it felt extraordinary to know you were a match!

That day, two lives were changed forever. 

My message to you is that everything will be alright. If you ask, you will receive. But more importantly, more than any of this, is a unique message of miracles. Hope is worth investing in and out of nowhere, it will come. 

My advice, admit you need help with a situation and then open yourself up to the possibility of change.

I know it's been a tough year and I know things seem hard for you right now, but out of nowhere, things will change, someone, somewhere will be guided to your sorrow and your need and we as a Humanity, work better together!

Katie x

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