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The best ways to use the products available to you on my website

Now then, I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘What is this stuff?’ Crystals, Sage, Incense etc. Here is what they are.

Since the beginning we have always had tools, tools to create food, to manifest what it is we want and more importantly, tools to help us achieve and bring anything to life.

The tools I sell do exactly that. They bring to life what you are harbouring on the inside.

Sage is used to clear negative energy, in fact sometimes your guides will be forced out of your energy field too. They don’t mind though, they come back. Sage is a purification tool. If you’re feeling bogged down and somewhat strangled by life then Sage is the one. Burn it and make sure you really wave the sage around your head and body; this will help unhook and clear all that negative crap.

Dousers; Crystals on a piece of chain basically. You can ask these yes or no questions and they will help guide you into the direction and answers you need. Learn to be at one with your douser and ask it which way is yes and which way is no. Your guides like to use these with you.

Crystals are used to recharge you and give you the right energy. When I was very sick, there was a clear crystal in my room and by the time I was getting better and had turned a corner, that crystal was so filled and foggy. It had sucked all of the negativity ill at play and transmuted a more positive energy towards me, which makes them great to have around for wealth, love and life. They literally convert energy and give you the good stuff.

Here are a few examples of what my tools can do to help you. Whenever you buy something from my shop, let me know ok, I will be more than happy to show you.

I love you,


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