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The Dragon Year

It’s been a tough year, I get that, in fact it’s been rather disappointing. It was hyped up to be a Dragon year and a money year and it feels like the first half of the year has been about political instability and tightening our purse strings. 

The Dragon year, especially the first half of the year, is about reassessment. You can’t attract if you don’t feel right! And you can’t be happy if you won’t let yourself be happy! And you can't move on if you still need to retrace your steps and forgive a few people from your past.

The first half of 2024 was about purging, it was about reflecting and it was almost like you had to hit that rock bottom so that you can make some great decisions about moving forward. 

So, how do we embrace the second half of this year? With fire! That’s what. As we approach the Summer and the second half of 2024 I really want you to focus on forgiveness, so that we can release some of those roadblocks and emotional balls and chains. 

There is a great book I am reading, which does have a focal point around weight, but actually it’s really good for learning about how emotions are trapped in the body. I highly recommend it for you, it’s called ‘The only diet there is’ by Dr Shondra Ray. 

The reason I would love you to focus on forgiving and letting go, is so that we release some of those emotions in your body. Emotions are of course a Water element and there cannot be Fire if there is Water. 

Bring the second half of 2024 in by making some room! Now you know how you want to feel and where your self-worth is and you’ve been focusing on what you really want and deserve, let’s bring it in! 

I always explain to my clients that to receive anything we of course desire it and imagine what life would be like to have it, but it is like ordering new furniture, how can you order new furniture when the old stuff is taking up so much space? And where are you going to put it? 

It is a great time right now to really re-evaluate what and who you want in your life. People bring their own energies into your life and can ultimately bring a lot of drama, and from a friends perspective that is ok, but if it is a continuous thing, you may have found yourself adhering to everyone else's' needs instead of really implementing those strategies to get you to where you want to go. So think about what is holding you back, which emotions are not letting you design those next steps and what emotions can you truly let go of. 

I want you to really be brave and bold and really hold those boundaries because this Dragon year is really there for the taking, but the first half of this year has been about reflection and healing, releasing and letting go. 

I’ve just uploaded an incredible Podcast episode called, ‘Why People don’t like you being happy’ which will literally show you why you must call the shots and become less reliant on those who you think have your best interests at heart. 

If you would love to get some time in with me, we can definitely see what is coming in for you and how to get you on the right track. Click here to book some time in and we will create Magic together.

I love you x


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