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Creating a positive lifestyle…

Katie is a gifted Psychic Medium and Life Coach, who has a unique background in both the Corporate and Spirituality World. With over 20 years of experience head-hunting for several large companies on a Global scale, Katie bridges the gap between the corporate and spiritual worlds, having carved an impressive corporate career alongside an illustrious spiritual calling. This has enabled Katie to be able to develop the very best strategies, to not only bring out the best in people but discover ways to show others how to best navigate their lives, thoughts and feelings.

Voted “Top Psychic”, and with continually rising acclaim, Katie’s reputation in the spiritual community speaks for itself, with over 10,000 positive reviews worldwide. Katie works for a number of top worldwide Psychic companies offering readings and spiritual guidance to help her clients make sense of their ever-changing lives, thoughts and feelings.

Start your journey to creating a positive lifestyle with Katie today. From your very first call you’ll feel the benefits of having your obstacles, worries and attributes identified and acknowledged, working together with Katie to develop an understanding of where you are now, where you need to be and how to get there. With a wide range of products, services and experiences available, Katie has tailored everything to creating an overall experience that soothes, nurtures and guides you onto the right path. With her mix of Spiritual Guidance and Career Coaching, this is an experience like no other.


Celebrating communities, individuals, and positivity…

Katie is the founder, editor and chief of the Katie Queue magazine and The Impact Formula, as well as being recognised in multiple magazines and publications in her own right.

The Impact Formula is a contemporary online magazine, showcasing the visionary voices of change. Introducing the people and stories that matter; inspiring, guiding and informing readers to live positively and proactively in our ever-changing world. By showcasing the souls behind the suits, The Impact Formula blends corporate with every-day; showcasing the very best of businesses, communities and people.

The Katie Queue Magazine is all about discovering the real you. As an independent online magazine it champions small businesses, showcases inspirational individuals and gives an insight into all things spiritual. With all the hints, tips, interviews and information you need for the months ahead, Katie Queue's magazine is there to support you on your spiritual journey, and showcase the very best of businesses, communities and people.

Creating a Positive Lifestyle podcast...

Join Katie for her light, humorous and positive podcast. Psychic Katie Queue recaps some amazing stories and gives you short, sharp and impactful advice on how to cope with your own emotional landscape whilst bringing you closer to your inner spiritual compass.
Listen to Katie’s engaging, funny and uplifting take on everyday life; from how to recover from emotional abuse, letting go and growing, and so much more.


And so much more…

Katie is also a successful Author, publishing numerous books, articles and blogs; and Musician, classically trained in singing and piano, she is also self-taught on drums and guitar.

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