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Katie Queue is a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach who has over 20 years in the Corporate field and who has been practicing and working in the Spiritual field for over 30 years. She was raised in a family with a heavily religious and spiritual backdrop where she learned her skills in tarot, angel cards and mediumship. She has clients all over the world where she guides them on the best path to take and comforts where needed and also works for a number of top worldwide Psychic companies offering the service of psychic medium. 


In her 20's, Katie decided to carve out an impressive corporate career, focusing on recruitment attraction and direct headhunting for some of the worlds largest companies. She has strategised life plans for clients worldwide, from helping them maximise their career, learn how to be happier, content and more grounded whilst finding the path that is the REAL them. 


By merging the two aspects of human life, Katie has achieved success within the companies she works for but also from a worldwide audience, which has lead to being recognised in a number of different publications including Great Britains best selling Spiritual magazine. 

As well as being recognised in multiple magazines and publications, Katie is also the Founder, Director and Chief Editor of the Katie Queue Magazine; an independent online publication aimed at empowering, supporting and enriching the lives of it's readers. 

You can find out more about the Katie Queue Magazine here.

Katie offers immense support to her clients and following via numerous services and opportunities, as well as regular blogs, magazine articles and her social media community presence. To find the latest available services please head to the Services section of her website.

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