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Following the success of the Katie Queue Magazine, I am thrilled to announce we will be adding The Impact Formula publication to our titles; focusing on contemporary change-makers and inspirational, real-life stories. Do you have a story to share? Contact our editorial team here.

Katie Queue is an internationally renowned psychic and coach, helping you to achieve your goals, overcome trauma and understand your future self.


The Katie Queue Magazine champions small businesses, showcases inspirational individuals and gives an insight into all things spiritual. With all the hints, tips, interviews and information you need for the months ahead, the Katie Queue magazine is there to support you on your spiritual journey, and showcase the very best of businesses, communities and people.

Katie Queue

Your go-to guide for...

Shared Expertise

Discover the latest trends, insights and info from the best businesses and experts around!

Spiritual Insights

Content to champion your journey of self-discovery and path into spirituality.

Community Support

Discover amazing small businesses, organisations and inspirational influencers.

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