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How to conquer limiting beliefs

You’ve all heard of this term ‘Manifestation’ right, and it’s pitched in a way which is, ‘If only you can imagine it and feel it then it will happen’. But there’s a massive flaw in this, what happens if you don’t know what you want, let alone feel it.

We all assume that everyone knows what we know and wants what we want.

In my travels, I visited some pretty remote places; I would tell them about the UK, and their minds were blown. The locals would look at my mobile in curiosity and touch my white skin with caution and it made me think. If I asked them what they wanted to manifest, I can guarantee you, they would ask for more rice, bigger huts and flowing water. Which made me remember what Thomas Ford said. He said something along the lines of, ‘If I were to give people what they want, it would be faster horses and carts’ but he thought outside the box and designed the car.

Now imagine your current situation. What are you asking for? Are you literally just asking for a better version from which you already have, or an extension of what you have?

To conquer limiting beliefs, you need education. You need as much exposure to everything as you can. Think of the local people I spoke to on my travels. They couldn’t even imagine a computer, or what a huge comfortable bed looked like, let alone a quilt. They didn’t know or rather, have access to my way of living so therefore couldn’t imagine it.

So, make sure your life is full, you are speaking to a variety of people and you extend beyond your current situation and social circles. The key to a happy life is variety. Read books about different Cultures, History, Technology and even Recipes.

The key to overcoming limiting beliefs is Curiosity.

I love you,


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