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How to cope in this ever ‘Emergency Led World’

We are seeing an increase in World wide emergencies, unrest and volatile environments. Each one has our attention and each one touches our Hearts. But why now? Why is the World seemingly falling apart at the seams?

The internet.

The internet brought us closer together and became the lens through which we see pretty much everything and so by default we are involved in everything.

I asked a lady who had lived through World War 2, how they were able to keep the camaraderie going and how it was even explained to myself from my Nan that when the American Soldiers were in town they would all have a lot of fun, and I couldn’t get my head around the frequency difference. This lady explained to me how the lack of information actually helped them get through the dark times, yes there were newspapers and the wireless, but there wasn’t the level of detail there is now and the volume of information also. So it helped her create distance between what was going on and what was going on internally for her. The regulated information trail enabled her to stay in control of her own mindset. At the moment, we are bombarded with emotionally lead and provoking images and news and that’s not to say that ignoring it is a dutiful thing to do or even a humane thing to do, but I feel that perhaps if we could manage our emotions better and how much information we download will of course help us manage our own energetic compass a little better.

Being in a constant state of stress is terrifying and in my opinion one of the worst things a human or any living thing can endure. So as these awful events present themselves, decide how you are going to manage the situation and create an information strategy so perhaps you can be more productive in the way that you support such things, instead of being overwhelmed, defeated and tired.

You are a wonderful human being with a heart of gold and I would hate to see you get so taken down by the World that your very essence and ability to put right has been completely extinguished.

I love you x


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