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Healing, Releasing and Letting Go!

Have you ever felt stuck and shut down? Or like you are going through a period of your life where you feel really antisocial and like you are losing everything and everyone?

It’s so easy to feel out of control with this episode of your life, and that’s all it is, a little, blippy episode. It’s what I call the ‘Healing, Releasing and Letting Go!’ episode. It’s where you must just take time out to rest, and quite literally, ‘Heal, release and let go!’.

Are you going to be happy in this period of your life? Probably not! But it’s necessary. It also means you’re about to take a new turn and you’re about to go into something new and exciting. Just hold on in there and let any emotions you have ride out and any thoughts be processed, but more importantly, let yourself put things to bed and heal.

The reason for this is so that we grow. I have noticed that anyone who avoids this process ends up being stuck and living the same life as they always have. So it’s essentially growing pains, albeit emotional ones.

If you’re wondering how to let go, as I get asked that a lot! Letting go is merely the process of addressing something and realising you just don’t want that anymore. So, just ‘be’ and let everything ride out.

A great tip on how to let this happen faster is to give into it. So if you are feeling isolated, vulnerable, fragile and lonely, take the time ok. Shut down, be by yourself and be kind. Learning to care and love yourself is going to be key and it will definitely feel less traumatic!

Typically, this process can take a few months but it can go to a year, depending on how deep your realisations are around what you are indeed healing from, releasing and completely letting that go!

I definitely recommend lots of self love and care. Even going to the gym or having a fitness routine of sorts will help you massively through this, as exercise is essentially a form of exorcism, so it would be extremely beneficial to help purge this out of your body.

I love you x



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