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Are you devastated? When to take a step back.

Has something happened to you which took your joy of life away?

Have you lost a loved one, and nothing seems to be able to be shared or unified anymore?

Have you been treated in such a way, which has left you feeling tired, bullied and non-existent?

Were the people who hurt you the most the ones closest to you and now you find it so hard to even love yourself?

If this is you, then I am sorry. I am so, so sorry that you life isn’t the same. You minimize yourself in order to just cry silently and you want nothing more than to just get through another day.

Your birthdays go largely unnoticed and your pain can never be seen, but the expectations on your shoulders is too much, causing you to just retreat even more and feel even less significant.

It is time, it is time to get you back. Retreat if you must; step back if it means you now have time to re-strategise. Retreat is necessary, if now you can re-model your life and who is in it.

I am sick for you, of the vultures that circle you, as if you were feed. As if you were an asset for their existence.

Do me a favour and disappear for a while - take a step back.

Seek no more the attention of such hungry people and put all that energy into you. Enjoy life privately and passionately. But make sure of one thing; You come back knowing who you left behind, because if they were of any worth, you would have taken them with you

I love you,



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