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How to use the seasons to your advantage (and to support your mental health)

It is so easy to get caught up in all things weather. From it being too hot to too cold and never right! Did you know that if you implement the wrong emotional strategy for the wrong season then it can really affect your mental health?

You know, I used to work in a mental health hospital and was told that there were more suicides in the Summer than in the Winter. Upon hearing this, of course I was saddened by the fact that anyone takes their life away from themselves, but I was also shocked at that statistic, I thought it was the other way around? I asked my colleague ‘Why was that?’, she told me that when someone feels depressed they look around and everyone is loving the sunshine and everyone is happy and sociable and they are not, so more than ever they feel isolated and alone. It amplifies any disconnection they already felt. Whereas in the Winter, they look around and everyone else is also not enjoying the weather.

How to use the weather to your advantage.

So how do you use the weather to your advantage? And how can we stop Summer from amplifying loneliness?

The first thing I need to highlight is the following:

  • Spring is for planting

  • Summer is for reaping what you have sown

  • Autumn is for shedding

  • Winter is for hibernation

Now look at the components in an emotional way.

Whatever you want to reap in the Summer. The sun will highlight and illuminate anything inside of you, so make sure those feelings are joy and contentment. In Spring you really need to be developing aspects of yourself which you are proud of and enjoy. Even working on your body. If you want to feel good, look good and enjoy your summer, then Spring is the time you have to really focus your energy on who you want to be. This is the season where you have to focus on planting the seeds.

In Summer, the Sun will illuminate all your shadow aspects. If you suffer from loneliness, body-issues, despair or depression, then Summer will bring those feelings to the forefront, so be prepared in the Spring ok. In Spring you want to plant seeds with your career, your life, your mindset, your body and your spirit. Summer is the time for enjoying, in being bold.

Autumn/Fall, is the month for shedding. Anything that came to the forefront in the summer that you were not happy about, this is the month to let it go. Look at nature. Autumn/Fall is when the leaves fall. What branch of yourself did you not enjoy in summer? What emotions did you experience that you did not like? Time to let it go. Time to let friendships that do not serve you go, or a job that sucks the life out of you. It’s time to let it all emotionally go.

Winter is the time for peace. Just stop. In Winter you should pause. Buckle down the hatchets and just be. For when Spring comes, that is when you will have a better idea of who you want to be and you can start planting again.

Manging your mental health.

The method above really helps people manage their mental health. I had a client once, call me crying. She was putting far too much expectation on herself in Winter. She was trying to go outside and run, she was trying to get inspiration for her music. Nothing was blooming. Because it was the wrong season to do it in. She should have been resting. She was trying to be Spring and Summer in Winter. The minute she relaxed and became Winter, her anxiety and depression eased dramatically.

There is nothing anxiety and depression love more than high expectations of yourself. Just be.

I love you x


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