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My Coaching

You would have seen on my website that I offer coaching. What is this? Who is this for? And does this mean I have to fill out a bunch of PDFs and talk about how I feel without any real change?

Here’s the thing, and this is what I want you to know…my coaching is mysterious. Each person has a different experience other than one rule.

No one walks away not improved!

You see, I’ve been working for successful Companies since I was 15 (illegal right!) Well, at 15 I used to help my Mum as she ran her own classes for the World’s largest diet Company. I would sit there and help carry things into the lesson and set up the class and each week I would sit there and listen, watch and learn. It was like I was an apprentice for what made this Company the World's Largest slimming Company…and guess what! The results came because of the Company's way of doing things. The continued results came from a balance of a few things. There was a secret formula that I was learning that turned people from broken people who hated themselves, with, may I add, very stubborn eating disorders, mindsets and addictions into the complete opposite, with NO Counsellor or Therapist on board.

So how were they getting results and turning people’s lives around? Sure you would need a Personal Trainer, a therapist to talk through their issues with and a really strict diet routine? Yet what I was seeing was the diet was pretty flexible, there was no personal trainer in sight and there were certainly no deep therapeutic components to drag up the reasons for the self-sabotage.

As time went on, I started my career. I failed at everything, mind, I need to tell you that. I walked away with 3 GCSEs, resit them, failed ALL of them, failed my driving test twice, my driving theory 6 times, I went to University twice and dropped out…it was like the opposite of the Midas touch, where everything he touched turned to gold and everything I touched turned to crap. I was failing all the time. But now I know why…I learned the art of manifestation and getting into alignment. You see, the Universe will teach you if you do not listen. Don’t worry, I will teach you all of this, so you won’t be failing or going down the hard road like I did.

So career wise. Because of my failures and the fact nothing came easy, I was wise beyond my years and the hardest worker in every place I worked. I worked my way up and have worked for Companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, BP and now a huge Consultancy firm. These are some big names right? I am surrounded by the ‘know-how’s’ on how to achieve goals, exceed, be the biggest and Success.

So how do these bragging-rights relate to you?

I know what success is and how to achieve it. I know methods and patterns which get you from A to B without having to learn the hard way.

My Coaching sessions go back to my very first job, where I see your potential, where you are now and I work with you once a week to get you into alignment.

My Coaching is magical. I am with you. There is nothing you cannot do.

I love you,

Katie x

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