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How to deal with uncertainty

Uncertainty is a fractious state, it’s a place where you are engaged enough to be concerned by the outcome. You have to work backwards and ask yourself, ‘Why am I so engaged’? You will find through asking yourself some key questions, that it’s coming from self-doubt.

Now then, we all have an individual frequency. One which shines and communicates to others the minute you walk into a room. Your frequency tells people what your insecurities are, where your weaknesses are and where your confidence lies. That’s why you will find people say ‘I always attract the manipulators’, they know, they can sense it.

When you are uncertain of your future or what is going to happen, this means that there is an over-riding component within you which doesn’t feel worthy enough for a happy, delicious and mind-bowing outcome. Your faith, creativity, imagination and self-esteem has been compromised.

I always get clients ask me, ‘How do I attract a million pounds? I am praying, chasing all the time’ and there we have it! You are asking for a limited ideal. It’s weird because the Universe was going to give you a billion, but you’re stopping it by making it small. So actually having uncertainty is a great place to be, because it’s an opening in the Matrix really, an opening for a larger ideal to fall into place.

When you are faced with uncertainty, relax, get grounded and ask the Universe, ‘You can take it from here, blow my mind, design a future so extraordinary and mind-blowing that it’s far beyond my current understanding’. And believe you me, the Universe will 100% take over.

I love you very much,



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