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A Happy Soul is a Happy Life

Soulful alignment

We have a soul, as you know; some people’s is better than others I must admit. The thing with your soul is it is energy, it has never died, it is a vibe, a frequency and it is everlasting. The minute the incubator dies; the body essentially dies. The soul will float around and go elsewhere then come into another experience.

Not to go too deep into the workings of the soul, I just want to touch on it lightly for you. But basically, if you really lock into yourself you can feel your vibe. It is constantly fed back to you too, with comments such as ‘She’s/He’s/They’ve got a nice vibe’ and ‘You’re beautiful on the inside and out’.

Keeping your soul happy, charged, relaxed, clean and vibing is key to manifestation and helping you live a wonderful life.

Soul work is about making sure YOU are happy. This is why there’s a lot of conflict, because someone’s soul might want a same sex relationship and has fallen in love with another person’s soul, but due to social frameworks that have been designed and made-up from an egoic ideal, our souls aren’t truly allowed to be fully expressed here and actually, for some good reasons.

Not everyone’s soul is good, some souls have had lifetimes of torture and influence. Some souls are young and impressionable and some souls have been playing around with negativity for far too long. So with that in mind, social constructs and rules and regulations are in place to create a collective ideal. A working society where rules and regulations dictate in order to keep order and a generic flow. Of course as a whole this may work to some degree, but personally, it can be pretty ‘soul destroying’ should you feel like you don’t fit into this society.

For someone to have an unhappy and unfulfilled life, where your soul cannot be expressed, leads to a ‘Soul-less’ existence and an unhappy life.

There are things you can do though - not everyone will be the same. But moving to where your soul is happy, taking calculated risks where you know something feels better but you may lose, say family inheritance for doing such a thing. Taking ownership of your own life more and stepping away from pressures put on you.

Ideally speaking we would be able to do these things, but I fully appreciate some cultures and places in the world, the concept of just getting up and going is far beyond someone’s capabilities. So when you are truly trapped, what can you do?

Love, appreciate, work with what you have. Generations change, times move and society is constantly shifting. So get behind a movement if you can’t fully grasp in its glory yourself. Make way for the next generation. We have seen it with Women’s rights, Gay rights, we see it with Mental Health, Disability and now we’re seeing it with the Environment. Your soul’s health will thank you for it.

Another way to keep your soul happy is by doing things you enjoy and being around people who are good for your soul.

That tingly feeling you get when you’ve met someone who truly understands you and makes you feel at home.

Go there. Happiness awaits.

I love you,



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