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Feeling Humbled?

Since the pandemic and this massive shift, I have met numerous people through normal social settings that feel humbled. There’s people who I have been on dates with who have lost it all and now starting from scratch again.

There’s people from extraordinary wealth that are reaching out to ‘normal’ people for some kind of real connection.

It’s like we’re all coming home to each other.

Once separated by a tier system of opportunities and achievements, and then the opposite of lack and despair. There seems to have been a disconnect. Is it Classist? No. This is just your basic movement around disconnection.

It seems that, somewhere in your journey, if you have been focusing too much on the material then that has now started to collapse a little to bring you a bit more back to Earth.

You see, no matter who you are and what you come from, the Universe (Being our parent) won’t let us drift too far from home. So where is home?

Home is where the Heart is.

Home is within our Hearts. For those who went cold, disconnected and aloof, you are now being humbled. For those who found themselves surrounded by the wrong people, you are now being humbled. For those who had a lifestyle of some kind of vacuous living and a plethora of ‘Mates’ and not friends. You are now coming home.

Don’t worry too much and stay grounded. We are all being humbled and reminded that WE are HUMAN BEINGS and not HUMAN DOINGS.

We are being taught an amazing lesson of being humbled, kind, patient and spiritual. We are being pulled back into the teachings and disposition of tribes before us

I love you,

Katie x

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