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Stop comparing yourself to others!

It is so easy to look at others and look for how we measure. To turn to those more successful or seemingly more attractive and use it as fuel to better ourselves. But it can get obsessive and negative and that attraction towards them, albeit romantic or just admiration, can turn into self-loathing and feelings of not being good enough.

We are all so different. I have clients who are incredibly wealthy who want a ‘normal girl’, and I have clients who want ‘The perfect man’. It just highlights the fact that you can have and be everything in someone else’s eyes, yet it still isn't enough for you. We must seek upon others with the desired outcome of us taking from it in some way.

The act of comparison is a deadly one, it really is. Once you feel and have locked into not feeling good enough, then I’m afraid it’s a very heavy place to get out of.

I really want you to focus on your deliciousness ok; focus on what you behold. This will bring more and more to you like a magnet.

So how do we do that? I would first dedicate yourself to writing down compliments about yourself. Write down every day what you like about yourself. Do it with enthusiasm, as we want to conjure up some energy here and manifest it.

The other thing I would do, is recognise that when you compare, you’re actually just attracted to parts of another person and therefore once you realise it is only parts, you will avoid getting sucked in to trying to download the whole part.

It takes time. Manifesting yourself into a better version takes time. Appreciating yourself takes seconds. Whatever your personal goals, if you’re not vibrating at an appreciative level, your energy will be flat and you will go unnoticed.

So, what changes once you can turn the dial from comparison to appreciation? You turn heads, people treat you better and money starts to come in. Because internal Wealth attracts external Wealth. Comparison you see comes from ‘Lack’ and that’s not where we want to be at all.

So start today and really spend the rest of the day, week, month and years to come, in sitting in your own energy and thoroughly enjoying it.

I love you x


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