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The art of not caring

I know things are hard right now, with the ever changing World and the constant conflicts from left to right, from policies to procedures to our leaders abandoning us for their own self interests. It can feel like a lonely place where we are having to survive. That trickles down you know, we begin to grow concerned about those in our inner circle and we try to separate the ones who take too much and the ones who seem to never give at all. 

When we are in survival mode, our mood sinks and our brains are in overdrive, but with limited hope and solutions, at what point do we come out of survival mode? Because ultimately, the stress of being in that mode too long is going to wreak havoc on our bodies and minds!

What happens if I told you to do less and in fact do nothing. I almost hear a gasp from all of you! But hear me out… 

Did you know that I take more orders on the days I do nothing than the days I am networking or reading or working on other projects? 

Did you know, more comes to me, when I tell the Universe, ‘I’m having a day off, you sort it!’ 

Did you know, I am not alone. I asked around, no really I did. I asked everyone in my inner circle, tell me a moment in time when money, love or luck came your way, and all of them, YES all of them said the same thing…and it sounded like this…

‘Oh I had enough one day Katie and although I had loads of paperwork to do and loads of calls to make, I just decided I was going to do nothing and take myself out for a coffee and a cake. I came back and weirdly, everything had fallen into place!’ 

Another said, 

‘I had been trying to lose weight and was weighing myself every week, measuring myself and weighing my food and nothing was happening. I decided I was going to not care about the numbers anymore and even though the requirements to register the numbers were there, I no longer cared, I just jumped on the scales, smiled and thought ‘Who cares!’ and low and behold, the numbers are going down! 

The stories were endless, all giving exact accounts of when they threw caution in the wind and decided to choose happiness over results and what then comes in…the actual results! Results make you happy, so be happy to create results. You have to reverse engineer the feeling and the action. 

This about when you want to teach your child about work, you say something along the lines of, you can have money when you clear out that shed. Even if you don’t have children, you remember it right, we were always taught that we had to work for the goal, but actually we have to work at the feeling of the goal. Imagine you got what you wanted, peace, money, love and luck, how would you feel? Then aim for that feeling! 

Great things happen when you just don’t care.

I also have a podcast episodes called ‘Believe in yourself’ and ‘Don’t worry it’ll be ok’ that will really help you get into the fabric of this conversation.

And remember, you can book a reading or service with me at any time, to start your journey.

I love you,

Katie  x


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