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Is your Child special?

I’m sure no one will say no, because actually you are all right by answering ‘Yes’.

Have you heard of these terms?

  • Indigo Children

  • Crystal Children

  • Rainbow Children

Indigo Children are Children typically born with a more Indigo glow in their Aura. They are highly sensitive and are the most likely to be assessed and medicated under the ADD spectrum

Crystal Children are typically very caring and warm and have a very calming energy about them

Rainbow Children they are pretty new here so not much is known, other than they are born with no Karma, so are pretty delicate in that sense

Whatever the child you feel fits well with your own, all Children are very sensitive and as Doloras Canon talks about in her work, we have waves of people. This is to help cleanse the Earth and to create spiritual safety and keep it moving in the right direction energetically

So with all of these Children there seems to be a pattern in which they were born, a time. So Indigo’s came first, then Crystal and now Rainbow.

An amazing book I can recommend is ‘Three Waves of Volunteers’ by Doloras Canon. She talks about her work as a hypnotherapist and how there are three waves coming through to help us release ourselves from Karmic debt.

Karma is when you are living something now, that happened a few lifetimes ago. That’s why someone people feel whatever they do goes wrong, or a strong soulmate connection comes out of nowhere to really mess with their lives. Most of what happens is popped up from the past and we have to put that karma to bed, pretty much.

In my opinion one of the biggest emotional and spiritual geneside is happening now, with the introduction of Big Pharma and their insistence of dumbing down our skills and our Spiritual and emotional senses with drugs.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with anything, I would encourage you to see out the spiritual meaning first. For example, most indigo children are put on drugs because they are so busy energetically, that they dumb them down with terms such as ADD and ADHD. They are just highly intelligent.

Now then, the Government and everyone else who is an arm of that organisation, such as big pharma. They 100% know who is coming through already. It is no secret that the organisation at the top tries to control and dumb down. We had the same issue in the 60’s when people were using psychedelics. People were becoming wise and tuning into a higher power, so guess what…these drugs were then made illegal.

Imagine if we had a world where people had more power than the people who controlled them? Exactly.

To help your children, there are tools of course, like teaching them how to channel themselves. Children normally are very receptive to things like Meditation, they love crystals and are very empathic. So perhaps, it is worth thinking, that instead of sending them to the Doctors, why not implement a Spiritual routine to help them be the best they can be and help them expand their gifts rather than dumb them down?

I can suggest Crystals, which you can get from my website. Incense burning and oil burning for when they study and are stressed, implementing a meditation or ‘slow down’ practise for them they are overloaded and overstressed.

These Children are healers and are here to calm us all down, and we are bombarding them with phones, TV, apps and more…again, the timing from the Government couldn’t be more perfect.

The Children would benefit massively from learning how to keep their natural gifts, use them and be in more harmony and supported in that way.

Less Technology (Mind control) more Emotional Harmony.

If you need any help on this subject, please do not hesitate to contact me

I love you,

Katie x

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