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Are you prepared for the Summer Solstice?

For anyone who is hearing this term fly around the Spiritual circuit but doesn't quite know what it is, let me help!

What is Summer Solstice?

Summer Solstice is a time of inner power, it's a battle between light and shadow and asks for you to find balance. What does that even mean right?

When the Sun comes out, it illuminates everything in it’s path. If you think about the longer days and nights and the fact the sun shines on everything; from noticing the dust in your room has built up, to the smears on the windows and now you realise it’s time to get a window cleaner in. Summer Solstice is very much the same. It shows us the ‘dust’ within ourselves. The darker thoughts and agitation that has laid dormant. Things like insecurities and negative thought patterns.

So it’s time to really look at what we are not comfortable with and what isn’t sitting right, and sort the things to be addressed!

Body confidence.

I want to especially focus on our bodies with this one, because ultimately it is Summer and Summer can be an awful time in which we become very insecure with our appearance. The heat literally drags us into looser, more revealing clothing.

So how can we get into a better feeling place where we are enjoying ourselves.

The thing with confidence is that it’s a decision more than anything. Confidence is earned, because you almost have to hit a rock bottom in order to no longer care and therefore you make that decision to never feel like that again. Ever get to a point in life where you think ‘I can no longer feel bad about myself’? That's when your confidence starts to grow.

Evidence Gathering.

So look, I want you to get into a position of confidence with who you are and how you look. I want you to do a thing called Evidence Gathering, where you look for evidence that conflicts your negative beliefs. If you feel you are ugly or undesirable, screenshot text messages or look through evidence that would discount that, and keep it, hold onto these, until you start to really settle into your new mindset.

I also want you to start appreciating your body, so use it!

You know, a good walk a day or an hour of movement per day will help move all of those toxins out and get your mental state into a much better feel good place. So get into your body, start liking your body and start appreciating your body for this Summer Solstice.

I love you,

Katie x


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